Surprised no one has posted this before..

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Re: Surprised no one has posted this before..

Brian wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

Brian wrote:

It is sad to see animals killed. Sorry, but I have no qualms with a hunter protecting himself while hunting.

Well, that is a pretty asinine thing to say don't you think?

No, I think it is obvious that if your are going to hunt, you protect yourself

A hunter protecting himself while hunting? The whole idea of hunting is to kill things. If you don't intend to kill things, you won't be hunting, and won't need to protect yourself.

I hunted many years growing up in Montana. Hunted deer and elk. both very beautiful creatures and both very tasty. I don't find a thrill in the kill not at all and am sad that I took a life. But unless you are a vegetarian, you have absolutely no leg to stand on. If you eat a hamburger you are taking a life.

All that said top predators from time to time have to be killed to prevent destruction of human life and their animals.

Thats not what is happening on private game farms in South Africa. The lions are bred in captivity and when a wealthy "hunter" wants to bag one, the animal has to be sedated sedated then moved into what is in effect a huge fenced off paddock. The next day the hunter is dressed up is some silly camo clothes and is set up at point where they can't help but see the lion in the paddock, then they get to pop it and the photograper is on hand for the photo op. All this has been well documented by for example Louis Theroux on the BBC.

There are a number of these farms in proximity to Cape Town so you can wake up in a nice hotel, head out for a day trip of "hunting" on a farm and be back at the Waterfront for a nice Warthog dinner with some Merlot.

This is not hunting to protect oneself or even to save livestock, this is a glorified farming operation with an on site abattoir. Most of the danger is in raising the lions which are incredibly strong and incredibly dangerous.

Its become a lucrative business for a number of South African farmers and there is an argument that this is probably the only remaining way to protect the diversity of the gene pool of lions and other carnivores that are under pressure from human encroachment all over Africa, so its not necessarily a bad arrangement but to think its some sort of big game hunting to protect persons and property could not be further from  reality.

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