Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

Your list of requirements is substantial for your budget.

Shallow depth of field is achieved with a lens that has an f stop of 1.4. A lens like that can cost what your budget requires.

You can also achieve a shallow depth of field with a zoom lens, and some distance from your subject, but that's not going to happen indoors.

So, a good combination would be the M1 or AX1 - I personally believe the X sensors are better in low light. The AX1 is a more traditional sensor. The lens of choice would be the 35. Now, that combination is going to cost you closer to $1K. Simple as that.

Why not consider a M43 camera. Something like the Panasonic GF series and their great 20mm 1.7 lens. That combination could easily be had in your budget. I have taken thousands of shots indoors with the GF1 and that lens, and have been happy with it

Oly also has some great deals on bodies priced under $300, and that would still allow for the purchase of a 1.7 lens.

You can't have everything for your budget.

Think out side the box. How about a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm f1.8. I know it's a DSLR, but it is low noise, the lens satisfies your needs for DOF and there are lots of used lenses out there for it. It's also pretty small.


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