Surprised no one has posted this before..

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Re: Surprised no one has posted this before..

Brian wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

Brian wrote:

The real sad thing is how many of you condemn this yet support abortion.

I didn't realize humans were on the threatened species list. When we get to the point we are an endangered species, come back with this argument, it will have some traction at that point. You aren't making a lot of sense with your debating points.

Oh, I thought we were talking about the senseless destruction of beautify creatures for fun and how barbaric it is.

We are talking about trophy killing in general, lions specifically in this case.

I don't know about you, but I have yet to see the head of a human fetus mounted on a plaque in someone's rec room. Perhaps they would make good trophys, perhaps not.

The last I checked abortion was the destruction of a beautiful creature in the name of fun. Not that the destruction itself is fun, but it is done because someone had reckless fun and so they can continue on having reckless fun.

When humans are on the endangered species list, abortion might have a place in conversations such as this. Until then, all you are doing is introducing a deflection, with the apparent intent of attempting to hijack the thread.

As for lions they are not endangered. Their biggest threat is not hunters but reduction in habitat.

Your comprehension is a bit lacking. They are on the "threatened" species list, which is a very small step away from the endangered species list, and they will end up on the endangered speciel list if we don't stop killing them and taking their habitat.

I personally don't like to see the destruction of either.

Apparently you don't care very much though, if you are advocating saying nothing until the animal moves from threatened status to endangered status.

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