So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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The recent article on 4/3 lenses by Michael Reichmann (well ... I'm assuming its him) over on LL is an interesting one. he kicks off with saying "Four Thirds was conceived by Olympus as a new Pro format". I tend to agree.

Big fail then because no pros use it. Maybe a few unknowns but it really failed to capture the pro market.

Well...photographers such as Pulitzer Prize winner Jay Dickman, former UN official photographer John Isaac, Award Winning photographer Jay Klinghorn...hardly unknowns.

Ok, lets just say for arguments sake there are 3 pro photographers that use them. Still a big fail. They did not create this camera for 3 guys if they were meaning to capture/aim at the pro market. That would be my point.

There are a lot more than 3 pros using Olympus. You said if there were pros, they were "nobodies". I proved otherwise. Face it, the big fail is your allegation that no pros, or only unknown pros use Olympus.

I agree, Olympus did not capture the market share of pros they probably intended to capture. But then, neither has Pentax. Or Sony for that matter. It can in fact be argued that Nikon doesn't have the share of the pro market they really want, especially since they used to be the "800 lbs gorilla."

Now that I read through some of the comments and the apparent reasoning behind them, this whole thread has turned into a big fail.

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