Film vs. modern sensors (foveon part)

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Re: Nothing like an absolute . . .

my background to make such a bold statement ?


i have done platinum printing including mixing the coating - making a uv light box, development ect...even know the tricks when it comes to humidity levels of the paper needed to get a good print.

i have been involved with the glass wet plate process

i have seen the best examples of digital and film at many photo museums.

i have seen peizograghy prints and understand the pure carbon pigment process.

still to me they dont look as good as silver halide - and even better silver halide made in a wet lab.

someone want to tell me the huge ansel adams prints i have seen would have looked better in digital ????

there again if you have been to museums seen the type work i am talking about and prefer

the sterile and clean digital look - thats another story. then we just dont agree.

i am fine with that.

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