Fuji X-M1 compared to Sony Nex 3N

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Re: I wouldn't use an NEX if you GAVE it to me

particleman78 wrote:

Sony's lens line up isn't as bad as it once was. I own both systems, I prefer Fuji, but not necessarily because of the lenses. Sony has a decent wide angle 10-18mm zoom and 16-70 zoom now, they have the Zeiss primes (they are expensive but good), and their 35mm and 50mm primes are pretty good too.

What bugs me about the nex system is the auto white balance and auto exposure are inaccurate, especially indoors. The auto focus sometimes gives you confirmation even though it is not perfectly focused. And finally, there is no way to set minimum shutter speed or max auto iso like you can with newer Fuji's.

High quality glass is also much more affordable with Fuji, most of the good Sony glass with the exception of the 20mm, 35mm, and 50mm primes are a bit overpriced. But the Sony system does have decent glass now, it is just that most of it costs a $1000 each.

As for the op's comparison, I would expect the Fuji to produce much better photos. The Sony 16-50 power zoom was optically the worst lens I have ever used. It's only redeeming quality is it's size and weight.

cheddargav wrote:

Thing about a test like this is all you're doing is comparing the lenses.
Look at the system, Fuji and m43 offer much better systems than the NEX.

The lenses Sony has added don't impress me much. They, like Fuji, keep adding a lot of short lenses, and zooms, neither of which interest me. And the upcoming Zeiss 50mm macro? Seriously, Sony? Even if they got lenses I liked, their interfaces were horrid on the bodies. Seems they have changed that on the A7s, but it looks like those still have free-wheeling control dials, which I hate (maybe they just look that way, I dunno).

Fuji's lenses are much better, and I really like the X-E bodies (I have the X-E1). However, I am kind of getting the idea that if I want mild and medium telephoto lenses, I am going to have to go back to dSLRs. People only seem to want short lenses with the mirrorless cameras, apparently for most people, the size and weight is a big reason they want them. For me, the size and weight isn't such an issue, I just don't like the mirror and OVF of dSLRs. However, I rented a body over the weekend that I really loved. All the ones in the past I hated, but I really didn't want to send this one back. The biggest downsides with it were that I have gotten spoiled by my EVF, and having AF points spread over the whole frame. This camera had one of the worst AF systems in modern dSLRs, I think.

So I am really conflicted at this point about what to do moving ahead. I planned to get the 56/1.2 when (if) they ever put it out, but that $1200 could go a long way towards building a system that also had a longer portrait lens, and a long native macro (and fast, reliable autofocus). And really, any other lenses I could ever want. And flashes. If the Fuji system ever gets there, it will be a long time. I am wondering if I just tried mirrorless too soon, maybe I should get out and see what happens in the next five years, instead of buying more lenses that are more expensive than the equivalent dSLR lenses. And I worry about the long-term viability of the system. In another thread, someone said that the imaging division is only 5% of Fuji, and of course loses money. Maybe in a couple of years they decide to just close that down.

Hard to know what to do....

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