Got my A7R and have some answers ;)

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Got my A7R and have some answers ;)

Courier brought my A7R a few hours ago, here's a few answers questions (will not write questions, one can figure them out from answers) that have been asked a lot

1. One can disable automatic focus magnification yet still manually magnify. I have MF Assist off from the Menu yet use hotkey c1 to magnify. I can now do the very same thing with an E Mount lens that I only could do with adapted lens with my old Nex-7. Thank you Sony for listening.

2. Peaking is there during MF magnification. But more one magnifies the less peaking is shown. Looks like peaking needs stronger setting than before, I have mine set to high now the see as much peaking as I did with my Nex-7. People say that there is no peaking when zooming because it takes higher setting to be visible than before

3. There is now distance scale (have not seen this reported anywhere) on the EVF/LCD when MFing with an E Mount lens. When MFing the screens show both graphical and numerical value of the current focus distance, including infinity. Love this feature, makes it immediately obvious where to turn focus ring. Much faster to go right direction than with a Nex-7 when starting badly out of focus. Love this feature.

4. There is indeed "reset to center" button for both AF and MF when focus point has been moved. Push the trashcan and focus location gets resetted.

5. The EVF/LCD is so much better than the one in Nex-7 in low light. I compared EVFs in side by side with same FL, aperture and ISO and the screen in A7R stayed so much more readable, wayyyyy less color noise.

6. There is way more than before stuff one can assign to hotkeys and even some of the functions are sort of smart. For example the default assignment "Focus Settings" in c1 custom button changes function more nicely than in Nex-7. In MF mode it toggles between 1x (so that one can easily move magnified point) and 7.2 x and 14.x and in AF mode it shows point/area moving screen.

7. The "mushy" shutter button is nonissue. I forgot about in after 30 shots. Works just fine and if anything it helps me avoid any vibration from shutter button to the camera body.

8. The "36 MP sensor needs higher shutter speeds for sharp pictures" seems to be missing from my camera. I'm getting consistent pixel level sharpness just fine with 1/50 shutter speed with my Makro Planar 50/2. This is if I focus on my technique (Nex-7 requires similar technique): grip the came right, support the EVF to my eye and gently press shutter. Just like shooting a pistol.

9. On a quick test each and every thing works the same as in a Nex-7 when attaching a Canon lens using Metabones Smart Adapter Mark III.

On a negative note: The package included no other manual than the useless pdf floating we've seen linked here. The is a lot of stuff in the Menus and Functions (like a few different AEL lock modes) assignable to hotkeys that will need a pile of trial and error to figure out.

Gonna test some more tonight/tomorrow (no comment on AF etc atm), my FE 35/2.8 is also arriving tomorrow.

All in all I got way more positive surprises and negative one's. Although the lack of reference guide on the camera is gonna give fits to anyone not very familiar with the Nex-system.

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