So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: I'm starting to see your point

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I still think the OP's title is a bit misleading. I totally agree the E-1 was aimed at pros but I don't think the 4/3rd sensor was. I think the sensor was a result of Olympus predicting what would provide the comsumer with a logical size platform to achieve good results... at that time. If professonals bought into it it would reinforce the platform so the E-1 was introduced as the flagship. The two are mutually inclusive. You build a platform you think will sell to the masses and to reinforce that you need to attract pros to verify the platform is viable...therefore you introduce it with the E-1.

You may be right. The original intent of the thread was to discuss the fact that some people maintain that 4/3's initial premise, was to provide a (much) smaller system. I'm not so sure about that. maybe they had that planned as an additional line (like the E4xx cameras), but even these are still lumbered with a fairly large lens mount etc etc. I think they started off with the intent of creating a system that could directly compete with the big boys in most areas. And I'm also not convinced that a small camera is the right way to go about that. They probably a lot of things right in the original offerings. If you go much smaller than E1 size, general handling and ergonomics often suffer.

The thread has wavered a little from that, but its all interesting stuff

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