Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

marike6 wrote:

>>To be clear, it's an issue for people who only shoot JPEGs and for people who believe

>>images must look perfect at 100% pixel level... So if you think the OP is going to be pixel

>>peeping 100%... And also make sure to tell him that NR is only really noticeable if you

>>stare at images at 100%... NR might be noticeable at 100% if left at Default

But it's not about pixel peeping. It's not about 100%... at all. Of course you did not read those threads. Look at the blog of this lady,

That is not 100%, that is not pixel peeping, and NR-2, so maximum NR.

You may find the look desirable. I find it unacceptable. The OP should decide for himself.

>>If you want to turn away another potential Fujifilm customer like the OP with stuff

>>that the dedicated forum pixel peeping, ...

>>Maybe he'll drop the idea of an X-A1 altogether and run out and buy a Nikon or Canon.

I never told him to pixel peep. I really tried to help. Whereas you, you're just concerned that he might change his mind and buy a Canon. God forbid, right?

bimbert84, I am interested myself in buying this camera, that is why I got into these discussions. When you buy it maybe you would be willing to post some images with people at high ISO. That would help me to eventually take my own decision.

I can see the difference there, but honestly, if that's the level I'll be quibbling about with low-light photos, I'll be a VERY happy camper.

With my current camera I'm lucky if I can identify WHO is in the picture, let alone whether or not she has faint freckles on her nose. And for those times when that difference might be important to me, the raw image is there.

Yes, if I end up with this camera I'll be happy to post some indoor shots. It might be a little while though, since I plan to wait to see if any deals show up between now and black Friday.

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