Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

Letsgokoulos wrote:

turnstyle wrote:

Thanks, though I'm not so sure how accurate that is.

Voightlander, for example, will tell you that their adapter should focus on infinity when you reach the hard stop -- and plenty of people report adapters that stop where they want.

I think it may come down more to sample variation.

Also, regarding shimming -- I'd be more into that if they designed the adapters to be shimmed, and included a few shims.

I have not tested any Voigtländer or Novoflex adaptors, but I have tested a bunch of others, like Metabones, Kipon, Fotodiox, and no-name chinese.

I can't recall one being 100% accurate on infinity, although most were very close. It may also depend on the level of accuracy you are expecting for your photography.



I think much of this would be moot if the adapters could simply be adjusted (by those who care), without need for MacGyver'ed DIY shims (bits of tape, aluminum foil, etc.)

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