Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

turnstyle wrote:

Sorry, I'm losing track -- the Fotodiox properly hits infinity?

Even the high quality adaptors will not guarantee accurate infinity on the lens hard stop. They need to have a tolerance, for mechanical reasons and because each lens may have slightly different settings. Any good quality adapter will make sure that you can go past infinity, so if you want infinity you have to manually adjust before the infinity mark.

You may be lucky and have the adaptor providing infinity with a lens, but it most likely will not work 100% with other lenses in the same mount.

If you want an accurate hard stop on infinity, the only solution is shimming the adaptor. I have made the choice of cheaper adaptors so I could purchase one per lens and then shim it accurately. Since it is dedicated to a specific lens, it never is dissassembled and therefore does not deteriorate.


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