Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

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yodermk wrote:

Yeah, that is kind of scary looking back on it. I wonder how close I came to bricking the camera. :/

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If it's a *Single* Lens Reflex, why do I need so many lenses?

Not very.  What happened was that ML put one of your cameras normal setting/save states to something the camera thinks is invalid.  While most ML settings are stored on the card, there are still the typical Canon settings stored on the camera itself.  It is possible for ML to change a Canon value to something invalid - ML understands it and will load it fine, but on booting like normal, the camera sees a setting value it doesn't understand and shits itself.

The thing is, all of these values go away if you do a factory reset on your camera.  This is the fix for nearly all problems experienced on the ML forum for cameras trying to boot without a ML card.  If you encounter it again and are unable to do a factory restore while booting ML for some reason, try and turn the camera on with C1, 2 or 3.  The camera stores the save states of these differently which is usually enough to get to factory restore.

If you had've posted about your issue on the forum, people would have very quickly pointed you in the right direction, unlike the crap and hearsay in here.  I'd love for somebody to actually point out an example of a bricked camera discussed on the Magic Lantern forums - the closest I've seen have been the developers themselves getting into hot water, but when it hasn't been they really do try absolutely everything they can to solve the issue and I haven't found a case where they failed.

The real world risks for using ML are low.  The main risk during installation is setting developer mode in the firmware which is the same process as a native Canon firmware - if it fails for some reason half way through.  There are other legitimate concerns about heating issues recording in RAW and the dual ISO functionality, but I've yet to see anyone burn out their camera.  Most of the panic here is a combination of the developers cautioning strongly to cover their own arses and a general lack of understanding in users and what they are getting themselves into.

I'm not a contributor or member of the ML community - just another avid user who wanted to use the software on my 6D and took a few hours of reading forums to evaluate the risks in understanding and installing a nightly build.  I would recommend everyone considering using this software to do the same - if you are like me, you will want to do it anyway to understand what all of the features are.

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