Surprised no one has posted this before..

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Re: Surprised no one has posted this before..


Brian wrote:

The real sad thing is how many of you condemn this yet support abortion.

WHY is it that YOU always feel a need to "cross-reference" issues...instead of treating them as stand alone premises?

The ONLY question

Is it wrong to kill an animal solely for FUN?

Nothing more...

It's not related to abortion, the Palestinians, US Slavery, the Spanish colonization of South America...or Johnson's uncle.

So, there's no need to attempt to try and create a connection.

Making a connection thusly allows them, in their minds at least, to justify the activity. We abort a few thousand fetuses per day, we kill one lion. By connecting the two, we diminish the life of the lion to nothing, and make killing it OK.

You see it time and again. The Republicans get caught in a lie, they say well, Bill Clinton lied, so it's OK if we lie. The Democrats get called out for their spending, they point to George Bush and Ronald Reagan, the one two punch of profligate spenders in American history and say they spent a boatload, it's OK for us to do it.

If you can deflect, your sins don't have to stand on their own for judgement, they stand in comparison to the sins of others. You find a sin that appears to be far worse than your own, you bring it up and you look good by comparison.

It's the opposite of a rising tide lifts all boats.

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