Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

shadowhumper wrote:

I am in the market for an adapter for my A7r. I have two M-Mount Voigtlanders and I am considering buying some Zeiss as well but I am not sure which adapter to buy

  • Voigtlander: seems to be the "perfect" one since it lists which lenses are tested with it. But price is the sore point
  • Novoflex: Has a good build reputation but seems waaaay over priced.
  • Fotodiox Pro: the cheapest of them all but I don't know about their qualities

I know some of yous around here have some of them and I would like to get some feedback in build quality between them and if it is really worth buying a Voigtlander instead of Fotodiox and vice versa.

There's another thread on the forum on the same subject. There seems to be just a few - perhaps, just one - Chinese manufacturer of the adapters sold by Fotodiox and others. I have 3 M mount, 1 LTM mount, 1 Nikon G and 2 Canon FD adapters that all look to be of similar manufacture. The Canon and Nikon types are more expensive ($30-40) because they have the ability to manually stop down these lenses.

All worked perfectly except for the LTM model; my Canon 135mm f3.5 rangefinder lens would not reach infinity on that one. A $20 adjustment of the lens by a local camera shop fixed that for me. It must have been a lens issue, because my other Leica and Canon thread mount lenses all work perfectly on the LTM Fotodiox adapter.

It's your money. I would buy a Fotodiox and test it, if I were you. If you're as pleased as I am, you can buy one for each lens, as I did.

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