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Re: Lasse

tony field wrote:

Lasse Eisele wrote:

Nice memories indeed! I actually remember some of your noisy shots from the D100 days (and I liked them). Then I think you went to Canon. Did you get tired of the noise after all?

Thanks Lasse. Indeed I switched to Canon but not for the noise of the Nikons - I was confident that Nikon would eventually address the sensor issues.

I had an extensive Nikon system with a number of primes from 28mm to 300mm as well as three of the good zooms. The service level provided by Nikon Canada was terrible. My D2x, D2h and D100 were constantly in for service with lock-up problems, sensor issues, etc. In four different cases, the cameras came back un-repaired and had to be re-serviced.

I got tired of this and switched to Canon - only because of the terrible service provided by Nikon. After I decided to switch, the VP of Nikon Canada phoned me and asked me what was necessary to keep me in the Nikon system - however, I had already started to sell the Nikons and purchase Canons.

Then I fully understand your move. I have been lucky with my Nikon gear so far, no serious issues (but I'm a slow shooter with less than 10,000 clicks a year).

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