Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

marike6 wrote:

Hi marike,

I am the OP.

To be clear, it's an issue for people who only shoot JPEGs and for people who believe images must look perfect at 100% pixel level. For RAW shooters, or people who don't pixel peep, what you are talking about is a non-issue.

I'll be shooting primarily JPEG, and if I can't see it when it's full-screen on my computer, I won't care about it.

So if you think the OP is going to be pixel peeping 100% crops and obsessing over NR in 8-bit JPEGs of the "family members, the lazy cat, vacations, and the occasional nature walk", then by all means.

I'll be a lot more likely to obsess over the presence of noise than I will any loss of detail that results from it. I just don't see the loss of detail many of you do, but I definitely see the noise.

If you want to turn away another potential Fujifilm customer like the OP with stuff that the dedicated forum pixel peeping, images scientists seem to think matters to EVERYONE as much as it matters to them, then by all means.

Just make sure you tell the OP that ALL OOC JPEGs use NR to varying degrees and that all decent cameras allow users to adjust NR to taste. And also make sure to tell him that NR is only really noticeable if you stare at images at 100%

I'm aware of these things, but I agree that understanding the subjectivity of one person is helpful in determining whether or not it will be important to another. That's why I tried to explain that I'm just a guy looking to take pictures for the sake of capturing memories. Based on many of the very good in-depth explanations I've seen here, I know I'll never be as passionate about photography as most of you, and I've tried to be clear that "extra level of IQ" isn't something I'm willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get.

Maybe he'll drop the idea of an X-A1 altogether and run out and buy a Nikon or Canon. See what I'm getting at?

Well I might. But what would be wrong with that? This statement sounds you have an agenda that's not consistent with what I need.

Actually, I don't see any mirrorless offerings from Nikon or Canon that I like. I started with the G15/16 and P7700 on my list, but ended up favoring the Oly XZ-2 in that category. My other consideration in mirrorless is the Panasonic G6. The one thing I really like about Panasonic is their electronics. Screens, autofocus, stabilization, and shooting speed seem to be done very well. Their biggest problem to me is noisy sensors (did I mention I hate noise?), and I don't think the G6 kit lens is up to the task. And since I know I'd also have to spring for a good lens, I've ruled it out.

So with the budget being what it is, I'm limited to using only the kit lens. And given that constraint, the X-A1 seems the best choice for me. Most here have convinced me the kit lens on the X-A1 is a cut above and will meet my expectations quite well, but if it won't and I need to spend another several hundred dollars so that it will, I simply won't buy it.

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