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I just want to mention them (you probably all know they sell replacement inks and resetters). Martin was very kind in answering questions via ebay, about regional locking for inks for the Pro 100. Apparently they aren't locked. It isn't often someone goes out of their way to help, even though ultimately you aren't buying from them. Here are two quotes that may be helpful to people here:

"Thankfully the CLI-42 carts and the Pro-100 haven't been region locked as there's a very small market for these printers and they've not seen it as being worthwhile to expend the necessary funds on multiple chip types. I've had confirmation that the REdSETTER for the CLI-42 is compatible with the Pro-100 carts in the USA and Europe .

If it's of interest I'm also in the process of testing
compatible inks manufactured for OctoInkjet in Germany so I'm hoping to
have these for sale shortly. Let me know if you'd like to be kept in the
loop on results and availability there.

Hope that helps with your query
but let me know if you need any other information."

"In terms of the inks, given the sort of output you're doing I would never recommend third party inks unless they had a solid, proven track record which all the current Pro-100 compatible inks lack due to their very young age.

As for your kind offer, just keep us in mind if
you should be asked about the Pro-100 and actually for the earlier 9500 and
9000 models. We've refill bundles and all the tools for those models and
the 9500 users in particular can really benefit from the kits we have as
they have a proven pedigree that saves a small packet into the

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