Hypotheses,Big Lenses and Collateral Damage.

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Hypotheses,Big Lenses and Collateral Damage.

Firstly a lot will think " Oh no not again can't they be happy with this camera as I am." . Well I am truly happy for those who have found their optimum camera. Some are however still searching for their new optimum Olympus camera . Keep in mind there are still 4/3 users on this forum who would like a path forward and don't see it in the E-M1.

OK what I have to say will probably be subjective.

With the release of the E-M1 and the use of 4/3 lenses I believe a pattern is starting to emerge. Basically if you are using SWD lens you are OK if you are using the smaller HG and SHG lens you are still OK as their focus was slow to start off with. If you are using the bigger NON - SWD lenses you are Not OK. ( Unless you are using it to take pictures of your neighbors bathroom/bedroom window) .

Some are saying it works for them and others are saying it does not . The SWD users seem quite happy , the non SWD are mixed with specifically the 300 f/2.8 users very unhappy as regards focusing lock up etc in some situations. I think the 90-250 will have the same problem but is not used that frequently for wildlife shooting. I believe this is a power related issue and also has to do with the big focus groups and large aperture blades and the driving there of.

Olympus must have been aware of these issues before the camera was released. But had to make a decision on the size of battery and grip etc . They went with the current battery and a smaller grip to keep in line with the m4/3 theory of small. ( The m4/3 users get the vapours when things become normal size) . This to keep the m4/3 users happy as they are the target market. 4/3 stuff is just dragged along baggage in the hope that we will buy m4/3 baggage in the future.

The problem I see with the power issue is firstly the battery . Yes it's nearly the same amperage as the BLM-5 but what is its recovery time when moving these big motors backwards and forwards continually (Batteries need time to recover to full power after heavy draws) . When not doing something like CAF it's probably fine as focus is only change relatively infrequently. CAF also goes hand in hand with Burst mode ( Continuous) these big lenses probably require a lot more power to close the aperture blades as well. The shutter will also require more power. SWD ( Linear motors) require a lot less power to drive as a lot of power is lost in friction with gears etc on a standard motor also the design is less power efficient on these older motors . SWD's also require less power to start and once travelling uses inertia to continue moving. Geared motor needs to be driven while the groups are travelling . Stopping a SWD motor requires less power than the normal motor. ( There are cases where this is revered but this is sort of the basics.)

If we are correct in assuming the major cause is power then a bigger battery or a grip with 2 batteries in parallel might resolve the issue. The other thing , is the internal circuitry capable of carrying the current of these more powerful batteries that these lenses would require. By this I mean how thick are the power tracks , cables etc. These are critical for power loading ( Thats why your stove has a thick cable and your bed side lamp a very thin one and a crappy thin jumper cables won't get your car started. )

So assuming this is part of these issue. ( There are also maybe problems with the way they drive these lenses.) And the circuitry can take the extra load bearing,  is the drive circuit is powerful enough to drive these lenses ?  What would the next step form Olympus be.

Olympus if it has the will should release a HLD-7+ with enough juice in it to drive the big lenses as a option. ( This will no doubt make the m4/3 people squeal. ) .

So as to the bigger lens focus ( A 50-200 is not a big lens) issue that appear to be emerging are we going to see a solution and the status quo stand with the big lens 4/3 users becoming collateral damage. Will Olympus address this or will we be told to wait for the 300/350/400 f/4 f/5.6 or whatever that was mumbled about to come sometime in the hazy future.

And no I don't own a E-M1 and no I will not spend $2000 to prove my hypotheses correct. It looks like some others are already doing that. Yes I know the E-5 CAF was not great to start off with on these big lenses, but some that have tried specifically the 300mm and see it as a major step backwards.

Hopefully Olympus will come up with some sort of magic and address this issue , or make a statement one way or the other.

I don't have to say it do it.

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