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Re: XF 18 mm f 2

heinerpattaya wrote:

Hi guys,

2 weeks ago I bought the XE 1 with the kit lens 18-55 - I love this camera and shoot jpegs only.IQ is head to head with my DSLR but more easy to carry around.

In the beginning I thought the slow AF is not issue but this weekend I had moving subjects indoors and I missedt some good shots - have to get used more to the camera and how it reacts.

Looking through this forum I notice that nearly nobody uses the 18 mm lens. My camera shop has a 2nd hand one for 265 $, pretty good pricing!

The reason to buy would be

a. small and pocketable

b. a bit faster.

c. fixed lenses help you to improve your photography

Any help and advice wouldl be appreciated.



From your userid, heinerpattaya, are you in Thailand? If so the 18/2 was offered for sale new from Fuji dealers in Thailand as recently as last month for just under THB 7,000.

Love the 18. The only issue with it is that it has high distortion which is corrected digitally resulting in some corner softness... So unless you need it for landscpes and want to print big, not an issue IMO

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