monitor calibration resulted in 0.67 gamma

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monitor calibration resulted in 0.67 gamma

...and 0% contrast. These values sound theoritically too low off the ideal. I keep hearing that gamma should be 2.2 (or 1.8)...but never as low as 0.67. And contrast generally around 50%...but not turned right down.

My monitor is the TN panel from my new Asus G74SX laptop (type LGD02C5) which has a relatively modern Nvidia graphics are the settings I settled on after a few monitor calibrations:

TN panels are a pain in the backside when calibrating, as the slightest change in vertical viewing angle messes up the gamma (eventually I'd like a nice Eizo IPS). But still, with these settings, and using the ICC sRGB with Hardware Calibration colour profile I was able to match up all my applications: Photoshop (where I'd switch to "use embedded profile" when opening an image), and the default settings on the likes of Firefox, VLC, Fastview, LCD screen of my DSLR etc...only the Windows Image Viewer seems to be a little darker than the rest.

The calibrations I did were the Windows 8 one (same as in Win 7) and a few online I found. The one I link below seems to be the best one. The monitor passed fine except the gradient test revealed packed thin vertical lines of banding (which I haven't seen in photos or video yet), and the gamma test I didn't understand anyway.

monitor calibration

And looking through my gallery of most-familiar photographs, they all look great:

dholl flickr

Watching films and youtube also seems fine. Only some dark clothing in indoor scenes appear to not show the level of bright detail I might normally expect. But pushing up the brightness or gamma only makes the scene noisy, so perhaps those scenes are just not too bright originally. General websurfing and looking at galleries of other photographers, especially on model shoots with dark clothing, appear fine.

I should probably just not worry and get on with it, but my curiosity is too interested to let it go.

Can anyone shed any light as to why my monitor appears optimally calibrated yet the brightness/gamma/contrast settings are so low (when compared to what I read online should be ideal)?

What gamma, brightness and contrast do you have set?

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