Feedback, complaint thread taken down? Why? Locked

Started Nov 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Feedback, complaint thread taken down? Why?

Hi DPR Staff, Mods of this forum,

I posted a complaint on a thread posted by Graham Hill on this forum yesterday. The complaint was a protest against high-handed and seemingly whimsical moderation in Sony Cybershot forum. And now today it seems the entire Feedback thread has vanished!

What's going on here, if I may ask DPR staff? Are you so keen and eager to wipe off even a smidgen of criticism? If the members are not even allowed to post their issues here, where will they post it? Instead of acknowledgement by a DPR staffer, the complaint threads are simply deleted. This is not fair game at all- is the members' time to compose and post so useless to DPR? Is the freedom to speak and express opinions civilly worth nothing to DPR/Amazon?

I shall hope to see a reply in this thread from a DPR staffer as to exactly what's going on, and shall surrender my 10 year old membership thereafter. Thanks.

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