Surprised no one has posted this before..

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Re: Surprised no one has posted this before..

NuFonaut wrote:

Brian wrote:

So I am pretty neutral on this type of killing.

Does that mean it leaves you cold to see animals like this killed by someone just for fun? By someone who is always safe and protected? While the lion never got a chance?

It is sad to see animals killed.  Sorry, but I have no qualms with a hunter protecting himself while hunting.  If you are going into something dangerous you take every advantage you can to maximize ones success.

That all said, with humans encroaching on the wilderness, I don't know the answer to this issue.  I would love to the remaining wilderness protected.  I highly doubt this will happen.

To me the lone idea that the bigger and more beautiful something is, the higher the urge to kill it becomes, is extremelly sick.

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