Surprised no one has posted this before..

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Re: Surprised no one has posted this before..

Brian wrote:

So I am pretty neutral on this type of killing. The lion isn't about to go extinct any time. I am more concerned about the habitat being reduced. there are plenty of them where the antelope play. Realistically game management is an important part of maintaining balance in that region. Keeping the number of lions in check means that they are less likely to rely on humans for their sustenance.

There are tens of thousands of hunters that go to southern Africa for the hunt. Why is she getting singled out? I love how an online petition was started and got 13,000 signatures. I bet that there weren't more than a 100 of those signatures from South Africa.

As long as they aren't going for endangered animals, I figure the animal population specialists in that part of the world know far more about that subject than I.

Lions are a "vulnerable" species. While they aren't endangered yet, they are trending towards endangered. As such, it makes sense to not kill them without very good reason. Satisfying the ego of a trophy hunter is not a good reason to kill anything.

There really aren't much by way of "animal population specialists" in that part of the world, and the ones that are there have their work cut out for themselves because of poachers and ineffective governments.

It's not like here in North America where we set up a national park or some other preserve and people respect those boundaries and don't hunt there. Game preserves in Africa are practically an open invitation for trophy hunters and poachers, since there are much greater concentrations of animals there than elsewhere.

Trophy hunting is a whack job sport, and should not be supported by anyone. It takes the biggest and strongest of a species out of the population, leaving weaker, lesser animals to continue the population.

Cabela's just opened a store in the city I live in. I wend over to have a look at the store and was positively sickened by the number of dead animals they have on display in the store. Killing animals for vanity is bad enough, killing them to make store fixtures is positively evil.

I was, when buying from Cabela's meant mail order and then internet order, a fairly steady customer of their for camping equipment. I suspect I have spent my last dollar with them. I cannot in good conscience support the type of senseless killing they support in the name of store decorations.

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