So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Marty4650 wrote:

Perhaps someday you will just look at something and think "take a photo" and the image will end up on the memory card in the slot we added to the back your head.

I've had the same prediction for the past 10 years or so, but my variant is not a "memory card slot", rather a direct download from the brain to computer.

For me, the ironic thing is that people who upgrade cameras every two years are worried to death that the camera they buy today may not be useful 30 years from now.

Your point is well-taken, however, such concerns are well-justified as it relates to the ability to be able to read, utilize, and translate into a useful medium (print or digital) current digital files created today, 30 years future.

The likelihood of that? Not so great, as opposed to film still being produced and methods to process it will be. After all, images taken over 150 years ago can still be viewed. Images taken over 100 years ago on film negatives can still be printed (and viewed).

Software created for Win95 can't be run on most current systems. What are the odds that digital files created today will be usable in 30-50 years?

Current digital cameras are uselesswithout a battery to power them. Who will be producing ancient batteries for 30-50 year-old cameras?

Just some thoughts to ponder. Not really anything to disagree with you about. It's a fast-moving and amazing time that we live in, for sure!

Meanwhile, my 58 year old Leica M3 still works.

Lesson? Don't mess with something that works!

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