So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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4/3 m or no m

Marty4650 wrote:

Do you honestly think Olympus introduced a $2,000 weather sealed camera, and an $8,000 weather sealed lens for "old people?"

All I am saying is if they were aiming at pros, it was a big fail.

Most of what you say applies to M4/3..... and not to 4/3.

Is M4/3 part of the 4/3rds family? Yes.

4/3 never could compete with a FF sensor (and even an APS-C sensor) when it came to sports photography or commercial photography for billboards.

That would be a big fail then.

Many of the professionals who shoot landscapes don't feel FF sensors are big enough. They use medium and large format cameras instead.

Canikon did not aim there FF at MF users. It is aimed at 35mm film users and professionals in general. The fact that many landscape photographers use FF DSLRs shows that Canikon is a big win because they were able to capture a good chunk of those who may have otherwise used MF.

The OP asked... "what market was 4/3 originally aimed at?" And I think it is very hard to deny they were aiming very high at professionals, once you look at the build quality, lens quality and prices of the initial offerings.

I deny nothing. I say if that was where they were aiming, they failed miserably. I think they had some success with old people, people wanting a smaller camera, and people who want to separate themselves from the "commoner"  DSLR person.

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