Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

viking79 wrote:

With kit lenses, where the X-A1 is going to give you the largest advantage to the Olympus XZ-2 is actually at base ISO, like outside for a landscape shot, where both cameras are at ISO 200, the larger sensor will really show off.

This isn't something I had considered, but it certainly makes sense.

The difference at high ISO is less (only in the case where you use kit lens on X-A1) since you usually hand hold high ISO shots and since the XZ-2 has more than 2 stop larger f/stop so you shoot at 2 stops lower ISO. If you set both cameras to ISO 6400 the X-A1 will clearly win, but you wouldn't realistically do this in this case. The only way to really take advantage of the higher ISO on the X-A1 is get a larger aperture lens.

That makes sense as well. I wonder if you can take a look at something for me. Forgive me here, but I can't seem to get direct links to these pics (I get 403 - Forbidden):

These are from the X-A1. Down near the bottom of the jpegs are two indoor shots with a "Welcome to Costa" sign. Both of them look very clean at 3200 and 6400 ISO.

These are from the XZ2. The same pics here are 6400 and 12800 ISO.  You don't even need to open them to know they look like crap.  But my question is, why take that shot at f/4 1/1000s? It seems you could gain 3 stops by slowing down to around 1/120s, and another 2 stops by shooting at f/2. Wouldn't this put it around ISO 400-800?

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