Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

virgil1612 wrote:

I said I don't want to reopen this, there are those dedicated threads. The very existence of those threads means the issue is real.

You don't agree that the OP should be aware of potential problems concerning the camera he wants to buy?

Compared to cameras like the XZ-2 the noise reduction is MUCH MUCH better on the larger APS-C sensored X-A1.   On top of that you will have way more dynamic range with the APS-C sensor than you will with a 1/1.7" sized sensor which is 1/10th the area of the APS-C sensor.

See this thread to get an idea of what NR -2 yields.  Most people are more than happy with the results at ISO 6400 with NR set to -2.

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