What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

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Re: What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

shigzeo ? wrote:

But its OVF is worthless. All it would take for Fuji to correct this would be to add a PIP overlay across the OVF, not the EVF. The camera could still be used like a rangefinder where we get the interaction with the rest of the frame.

But adding a PIP overlay would be extremely complex to have it match up to the image behind it as well as making it so the difference between reflective and backlit images isn't too distracting. In the end, an EVF with a Fuji's split screen focusing is the best solution using the current style Hybrid viewfinder system.

A more practical solution for MF would be to either add a hotshoe mount rangefinder that's electronically coupled to the lens or just make an actual built in electronically coupled rangefinder. You can already purchase old hotshoe mount rangefinders if you can find them. Of course you have to enter in your settings manually so it takes some time. Sort of like the older style non-coupled rangefinders.

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