LF1 owners, your comments, please

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Re: LF1 owners, your comments, please

GeraldW wrote:

Some samples don't seem to show the soft edges at wide angle, and they weren't stopped down. Now, I'm wondering if the issue of the soft edges isn't caused by field curvature. Your flat map would show soft edges if it were field curvature. Then the trick is to show if it's concave or convex. That's easy with a DSLR and manual focus as you can see it happen as you go from front to back focus - not so easy with something like the LF1.

I guess it's possible that in my efforts to highlight the problem I created a scenario in which the problem would be at its worst.  I would certainly agree that the problem is not so obvious in other sorts of shots, even to the point where some people either wouldn't notice it, or wouldn't really care about it.

I can't say that I'm all that familiar with this sort of optical aberration either.  The problem first came to my attention in a major way when photographing some collectible coins on a piece of nice fabric, which is something I do from time to time, and none of my other cameras have ever exhibited a similar problem (or at least not to a noticeable or significant degree anyway).

If I still had the LF1 I might be able to help you get to the bottom of this, but unfortunately I don't.  For the record though, I didn't get rid of the LF1 because of the soft corner issue as I think I could have lived with it.  It just didn't suit me for other reasons.

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