So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: A big fail, no pros have or would use it.

Richard wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

The recent article on 4/3 lenses by Michael Reichmann (well ... I'm assuming its him) over on LL is an interesting one. he kicks off with saying "Four Thirds was conceived by Olympus as a new Pro format". I tend to agree.

Big fail then because no pros use it. Maybe a few unknowns but it really failed to capture the pro market.

Well...photographers such as Pulitzer Prize winner Jay Dickman, former UN official photographer John Isaac, Award Winning photographer Jay Klinghorn...hardly unknowns.

Did Olympus pros ever threaten the ranks of Canon and Nikon. Not hardly: nor did they with the OM series. But you know what? But then, historically, when Olympus has talked about the pro market, it has been in reference to pros who seek a different approach to gear than was found with the "Big Guys". As good as the OMs were, in many respects they were not a match for the Canon and Nikon flagships.

What discussions like this generally involve is the thinking of some that Olympus wanted to supplant Canon and Nikon altogether, when I think they simply wanted to provide an alternative, just as they did with the original PEN series and the OM.

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