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Re: And I thought, "wow - no samples!"

Leandros S wrote:

Seriously, is this the first thread discussing X-Trans raw processing that completely does away with the perceived need for actually test-processing some images and displaying the result? Have we stopped comparating and are now just philosophising over a good cuppa tea?

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No amount of perceived entitlement can replace actual expertise.

Seriously, any discussion of raw converters is largely a discussion of personal taste. As well as a discussion of which of millions of raw files render best in probably dozens of converters. What are images going to provide unless the OP is seeking help on a specific image?  Frankly, I find the posting of test shots so misleading to be almost worthless. That's a conclusion I've come to after running 100's of images through at least 6 different converters. And that's why I use Aperture. Its easy, its pretty good and its consistently pretty good. When I want more, I go to one of several external converters. Which all provide several different end results.

"No amount of perceived entitlement can replace actual experience."  Perhaps follow your own advice.

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