How Fuji Held My X100S Hostage

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Re: How Fuji Held My X100S Hostage

So let me understand this statement you made: "You’ll just have to take my word I never spilled on it. Maybe the person I bought it from did, but it worked fine for over a month."

That ends your whole argument! You bought the camera from a person, which means it was used since the warranty is not transferrable. If it was not purchased from an authorized dealer, then you should have paid for the repair. I know this because I bought an S2 I though was new on Craig’s List and found out the hard way.

As far as them not wanting to send you back your camera, that is a weird one. Why would a manufacture as big as Fujifilm not send back a customer’s property? Especially in today’s blog world where they will get bashed on Facebook or twitter.

I think there is more to the story and there is always 2 sides. If what you say is true though, then same on Fujifilm.

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