So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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A lot of people have to die before cell phones "take over"

I'm not saying it is impossible, but before cell phones become the dominant photographic tool everyone born before 1970 must die first.

You could say they are the dominant photographic tool right now, if you only consider snapshots. But there are some people who say cell phones are destroying the DSLR market too, and at least right now, that is sheer nonsense.

There will always be people who put their highest priority on convenience, and there will always be others who will put their highest priority on other things. And those other things can be quality, versatility, image or even style.

Despite the fact that you can buy a very accurate quartz wristwatch for $20, there are still people who spend thousands of dollars to buy analog Rolexes that you need to wind up each day.

Anyone who buys the theory that cell phones will replace all cameras, must also accept that fact that google glasses will eventually replace cell phones. And then something else will come down the pike. Perhaps someday you will just look at something and think "take a photo" and image will end up on the memory card in the slot we added to the back your head.

Of course, then you will need wide angle and telephoto "conversion glasses."

For me, the ironic thing is that people who upgrade cameras every two years are worried to death that the camera they buy today may not be useful 30 years from now.

Meanwhile, my 58 year old Leica M3 still works.

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