Is the RX10 really overpriced?

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Is the RX10 really overpriced?

The most common negative comment I see is that the RX10 is overpriced. Most every review lists the price as a con and many forum posters also complain about the price. To my mind it represents an excellent value relative to other offerings. Why do I think it represents fair value while most others seem to think it's overpriced? What am I missing? Sure we'd all love it if it had a price of $599, but is $1300 a realistic price?

I decided to set up a comparison. I picked a system from full-frame, APS-C, mFT, and 1/1.7". My criteria was as close to 24-200/2.8 equivalent as I could get with lenses optimized for the particular sensor size. I also wanted weather-sealing, good external controls, good video for it's class a good grip and a viewfinder. Obviously some compromises had to be made, especially at the 1/1.7" level. I then wanted to see how the RX10 compared to others based on price, volume, mass and sensor area.

Pricing is from B&H Photo today. Volume is taking the published lens dimensions and calculating the volume of a cylinder with those dimensions and adding it to the volume of a cube with the equivalent L, W, H of the body's dimensions. Not exact, but good enough.

The RX10 is constructed well enough and is feature-rich enough to match well against any of these products.

This demonstrates that to gain the advantages of larger sensors, you gain weight, volume and price. Everyone knows that. However, I'd say that based on the data presented, the RX10 pricing is not at all out of line relative to the larger or smaller sensored systems. It seems to fall right in line with where it should be.

One can argue the merits of different sensor sizes, equivalent exposures, etc. all day and there and these are valid arguments, but what I'm after here is do you get what you pay for with the RX10, and to my mind at least, it's about in line with where it should be.

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