Body size vs Sensor size, are we overpaying mobility?

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Re: Body size vs Sensor size, are we overpaying mobility?

To exagerate to make a point a bit, which of these phones do you think is the cheapest, and which is the most expensive?

By the theory of "the biggest phone is the most expensive", the Zack Morris phone at the top would be the most expensive, while the last phone (the Samsung Galaxy 3) would be the cheapest. In reality, it's the opposite - because smaller and more portable is worth more money to people The middle phone that's much thicker is actually cheaper than the thinner phone - people pay more money for something that's thinner and easier to carry.

If they had the same sensor size, one could argue that the dslr would actually be less expensive because it's bigger. But they don't - so they're the same price. With the dslr, it's bigger sensor is worth more, but it's bigger size is worth less. With the s120, it's smaller sensor is worth less, but it's smaller size is worth more. So they basically even out.

A smaller item that provides exactly the same function as a bigger item is generally worth more money than the larger item.

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