Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

bimbert84 wrote:

Hi Randy,

More food for thought. That particular comparison is probably the most relevant one to me right now: X-A1 w/kit lens vs. Olympus XZ-2.

For the sake of argument, let's say these two will produce similar IQ. In that case, the XZ-2 has the size advantage, whereas the X-A1 has the potential to become better via another lens. What I don't want to do is get into a situation where I'm pretty much gonna have to add that other lens.

But I wonder if those two cameras would have the same IQ. I realize that's subjective, and all I have to go by are the sample images I linked earlier in this thread. I believe those are all taken with the kit lens, are they not? Or are they taken with a better lens?

Can I expect similar results? If so, I'll be very happy indeed because to my eye, those images are stunning, both in terms of low noise and shallow DOF. And to me they look way better than anything I've seen near this price range.

Larger sensors aren't unequivocally better as some might indicate, they are more flexible in terms of use (you can shoot at higher ISO).

Here is an example from the Studio comparison tool. The XZ-2 has a 2 stop larger aperture at the long end of the range. This means that if the Sony F3 (similar sensor to A1) can shoot at f/5.6 and 3200, the XZ-2 could be at f/2.8 and ISO 800.

Notice, at these settings the XZ-2 actually looks better.

With kit lenses, where the X-A1 is going to give you the largest advantage to the Olympus XZ-2 is actually at base ISO, like outside for a landscape shot, where both cameras are at ISO 200, the larger sensor will really show off.

The difference at high ISO is less (only in the case where you use kit lens on X-A1) since you usually hand hold high ISO shots and since the XZ-2 has more than 2 stop larger f/stop so you shoot at 2 stops lower ISO.  If you set both cameras to ISO 6400 the X-A1 will clearly win, but you wouldn't realistically do this in this case.  The only way to really take advantage of the higher ISO on the X-A1 is get a larger aperture lens.


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