What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

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Re: What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

shigzeo ? wrote:

Obviously the camera has a different design and therefore the focal plane will shift, but the design of the lenses is pure SLR styling and ergonomics. The X-Pro is already much larger than many real SLRs. My FE is the same size, though the hump puts it a bit taller (a total of less than 10mm). But the X Pro's height overall, is taller than the FE, which again, isn't a particularly small SLR.

I really don't understand what is it you're trying to tell us? How are Fuji's lenses SLR design? They look the same to me like any other lens with aperture ring and manual focus ring, apart from the fact that they're electronically managed and not mechanically.

Your old film SLRs are smaller because of one important thing they don't have -> 3"LCD - you see? it's not that hard to understand

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