Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: What is so innovative about removing the mirror? Smaller camera bag? Whoopee.

marike6 wrote:

Nikon has a long list of innovations in Optical design:


Sorry, you lost me when you quoted Ken Rockwell.

Let me guess, the Olympus OM-D was not at all an attempt to make a fashionable retro camera modeled after an earlier model??? lol.

There was more to the OM-D than retro design. Take to time to read it's features before you laugh. 5 axis IBIS. Touch screen which allows you to chose focus point, and fire shutter. Ability to monitor time exposure development in real time, rather than wait for the end of the exposure and and noise removal. Very handy for light painting. Tilting LCD with live view making an angle finder unnecessary. Blown highlight and underexposure indicators during live view. Ability to adjust tone response curve. etc.

The difference is the Df supports around 60 years of Nikon lenses natively with no need for adapters, provides full Matrix Metering with older lenses, has physical exposure dials like a classic camera (not some fiddly touch LCD), and a big bright OVF.

The OMD is just a retro body with a faux prism but zero compatibility with the OM lenses.

Not true, OM lenses can be fitted, but will be a 2x crop factor. Maybe not entirely compatible, but I wouldn't say zero compatibility.

I for one will be getting one of the Sony A7's. The combination of focus peaking, and the ability to fit on my old Olympus Zuiko OM lenses, (or ANY lens) has me really excited.

But Olympus made an OMD, you mean to tell me you can't use your Zuiko OM lenses on the EM-5 because they are not compatible without an adapter like the Nikon Df?

What has Canon and Nikon done to generate such excitement?

Where were you last week? The Nikon Df teaser generated over 2000 comments on DPR. The Df announcement generated over 2400 comment and a whopping 50% of ALL camera searches and user clicks on DPR were for the Nikon Df. Since I've been a DPR member I don't remember any other camera generating that kind of interest.

But will that camera change the course of photography? Not really. Generated a lot of fanboy drool...that's about it.

Were is the Sony A7 on the DPR Top Cameras?

Oh yeah, a real indicator.

The main reason that the Sony has some interest is because it's FF and Sony priced the body so aggressively at $1700. That's it. Of course each of the fake Zeiss lenses is over $1000.

Low price will always generate sales. How many people bought the Sony RX1 for $2800?

But Sony is selling the A7 body at a low-price and trying to make up for loses by pricing A7 lenses high.

But I do wish budget conscience amateurs luck finding any reasonably priced lenses for the new Sony. Sounds like there will be a lot of $10 Ebay adapters and Canon FD lenses sold in the coming months. I'll stick to my AF Nikkors but I am interested to see how creative people are going to get with adapters and $30 nifty fifties from Ebay.

Since you like to quote Ken Rockwell:


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