Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

Edwaste wrote:

Never innovates? Puuhhleeese. Canon brought USM lenses into the world. Some of the fastest autofocusing lenses I have ever used are either on Canon and Nikon cameras. Canon brought Image Stabilization to interchangeable lenses. FOUR stops worth 5 or more years before mirrorless even existed. I was a long time Canon users when I got my first Fujifilm bridge camera, the S200EXR. That camera, Fujifilm claimed, had a lens with image stabilization. It was *laughable* compared to Canon's. One stop of IS, at best.

Mirrorless companies are trying to innovate to where Canon and Nikon are TODAY with regards to most technology.

Olympus' OM-D IS proved that in lens stabilization was a dumb way to go.

It was a dumb way to go for digital sensors, especially with EVFs. For film it was the only way to go, and for OVF, it was the only way to stabilize OVF image and what separate focusing and metering sensors see.

Another blunder Sony made with A7A7r is going with inferiors lens-IS instead of 5-axis (or at least 3-axis) IBIS for the sake of formally thinner/lighter body.

It is one of the dinosaur remnants of the film era, together with 44mm flange distances for cropped sensors, OVFs and mirrors.

Oh, yeah, and mechanical shutters (this one has some legs to go unfortunately due to stupid obsession with sensor resolution).

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