Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: What is so innovative about removing the mirror? Smaller camera bag? Whoopee.

marike6 wrote:

So cameras get to be smaller, but you've already removed one of the best parts, the bright pentaprism VF in favor for a lousy EVF.

Seriously, pick up a 2 (TWO) years old NEX-7 (let alone modern E-M1) and the latest and greatest Rebel and tell me which one is lousy.

Let alone EVF abilities to see in the dark (with a right lens), not be blinded by sun in the frame, have live histogram, "blinkies" and exposure preview and WB preview and curve preview and focusing assists (enlargement, peaking, digital split screen) etc which no OVF will ever have.

Right, "digital will never supersede analogue", we have heard it so many times. I think a guy names T-Rex was the first who roared it 65 million years ago.

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