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Re: XF 18 mm f 2

For what you're trying to accomplish, the 18 would be the way I'd go. I have the 14, 18, 34, and 18-55. I do a lot of night shooting. Pros and cons of 18 within my lenses. I assume you're on the latest firmware, important.

+ the fastest focusing lens.

+ the least amount of hunting.

+ I love the contrast, others may feel otherwise. Soft, more analog, very sharp in the middle.

+ a great carry, pocketable if you ditch the hood and go with a 52-28 step down ring (no vignetting, no flare)

+ focuses close

- barrel distortion, same as 18-55 at the low end.

- f2 won't buy you enough speed versus ois and the 18-55 for low light stills.

Its my most often used lens, the price is good. I have a feeling there are responses here from people who have never used the lens let alone own it. The 35 is the last place I'd go for indoor moving objects. Use AFC. DOF of around 4 and let the iso climb. f2 buys you nothing other than out of focus shots. Shoot jpeg and use Auto DR. As baobob pointed out, don't wait for focus confirmation, just press.

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