Sigma 35 f/1.4, request for comments of this copy

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Re: 2nd copy and conclusion

Armin Hermann wrote:

Good morning,

i received the second copy of this lense friday and tested both during the weekend.
Here are the serial numbers: 501708xx (first copy), 502073xx (second copy).

Shooting test charts from 2.5m distance there hardly was any difference at all. Manual focus with LV at 100% does not provide consistent enough results to claim one copy superior.

The issue with landscapes at infinity wide open (yes i know it's nonsense) i found with the first copy is present in the second one just as well. It appears to be a design limitation. I'm not convinced that this is really due to field curvature. With field curvature i expect the corner i'm focusing to be be sharp, while e.g. the center or any other part of the image may become blured because of the curvature of field.


Htere are almost certainly curvature of field effects present. After that is eliminated the remaining softness is caused by "the glass", we can call it. with both in effect at large apertures especially.

However, the sigma 35 is sharp in the center and a little blured at the rule-of-thirds-points even when focusing right there (yes, with LV). Wide open at infinity that is.

Yea this is not field curvature related. It should be far less detectable at f5.6 – f8 by all I know about this characteristic; the recent PZ test on aps-c (the edges of the frame roughly corresponding to that area on fx) would also suggest that.

Phase detect autofocus is trouble free with both copies using center or outer focus points likewise on a d600. No in camera compensation was necessary.

When comparing the lense against the nikkor 50/1.8G for resolution tests, the results are consistent. It appears that the 18-35/3.5-4.5 zoom i was using as a comparision is simply a whole bit better than i tought it should be.

Conclusion: I wish the canon 35/2.0IS would fit, unfortunately it does not. The simga is too heavy but image quality is convincing, especially as i plan to use it for family shots. I like how sigma is re-inventing itself. The price is good too. I will keep it.


PS: Did i mention it is heavy?

You brought some useful points and experience, thanks for that.

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