So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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bobn2 wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

This blurb has been re-written to a certain extent. Olympus' more extravagant claims have been edited out, such as a 35mm lens needing to be 4 times the size of an equivalent 4/3rds lens.

You can see why it is has been such a live topic here. Essentially, many people believed Olympus and Olympus was lying. Given the management of Olympus at the time, we probably wouldn't be surprised. They thought nothing of offering people a free lunch.

I bet the marketing department would say 'brightness' meant light 'intensity'. So I would suggest 'deception' rather than 'lie'.

A bit pedantic, I know.

OK, let's go with 'deception'.

You were correct, bobn2.  Deception is the product, or end result, of lies.  The entire purpose of lies is to deceive.  Satan deceived Eve.  How?  By lying to her.

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