Why so much resentment on posting to Facebook.

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Re: stay away from facebook!

I was on Facebook but left after the Instagram "selling photos" issue came up, but as an older man I was already uncomfortable with the idea that I could see my family's (read kid's) friends photos, with or without their consent - I didn't know, but presumed the same happened to my (very few) photos.

Frankly it felt a bit creepy to me and I used the Instagram thing as an excuse to leave. I understand from reading this thread that Instagram have now decided to change their terms but the idea that FB & other forums collect all this info worries mr a little - I'm no conspiracy theorist really & fully aware that other things I do online are probably relaying the same info to others but maybe it's the blatant, in yr face nature of FB that puts me off.

My family use it a lot, I choose not to - no worries !


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