XF 18 mm f 2

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Re: XF 18 mm f 2

Thanks for the replies so far, seems to be a good lens and a cheap price!!

I knew about the XE 2, but it is 300+ $ more, still not available in Thailand where I live and still cannot do some things my DSLR can do.

The situation was low and arifical light, indoors, people always moving (changing clothes) - doubt, the XE 2 would have been better.

An if you go this forum there seem to be a lot of problems with the XE 2: never buy a brandnew car or a brand new camera from the first shipping.

Cameras are for certain purposes, one does not fit for all situations. Same cars: a Porsche is good for 2 persons, if you got kids or a lot of stuff to take on a holliday you have to look somerwhere else (Cayenne!)

The better you know a camera the better you can handle it in extreme situations.

Today I put a CD together for a friend, all jepgs: the images shot with the XE 1 look amazing already, the Nikon 5 100 shots all need some PP.



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