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Re: XF 18 mm f 2

It´s a decent lens.  I´m more of a prime lens user so I have it though since I got the 14mm I tend to use that more than the 18mm, partly because I prefer 20-24mm to 28mm but also it is noticeably better quality than the 18mm, at a significantly higher price of course so perhaps the comparison is unfair.  My most used lenses are 14mm and 35mm but before I got the 14mm I think I shot about 40-50% of my shots with the 18mm.

I think its reputation has suffered because it isn´t quite up there with the other Fuji primes which are generally great   The corners can be mushy (even stopped down to f8, at least with my copy) and there is noticeably more CA and I think a lot of people prefer the 18-55mm which is sharper at the wide end.


These differences are of course less visible in prints than they are when zoomed into 100% on a computer screen and I´ve taken some great photos with that lens.  If the shot calls for 28mm equivalent I reach for that lens without caring.

Its faster than the zoom.

Its got good colour rendition and contrast.  If you´re not poking around in the corners looking for faults, it produces some nice images.

It´s quite compact and unobtrusive.

If you´ve got a good dea I would just get it personally.   From your list of requirements I think it would be a good match.  For te price its available at nowadays its a more than decent option.

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