So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

Very interesting post.

I don't know Canikon model numbers, so please feel free to correct any details in the following. So,

- If you've got or read the original Kodak paper, you'd think the future lies in 4/3s exclusively. And a lot of those technical advantages still apply. Still a great read.

- At the time, Canikon were heading in a similar direction. With APC-xyz, A stands for advanced, doesn't it? Wrotniak argued an APC sensor was only about 15% bigger, which is sod-all. But 4/3s was a semi open standard, APC wasn't. At the time, round 1 went to 4/3s. In my view.

- But for marketing reasons, Canikon brought back the 35mm size sensor. Who was first, Canon's 1Dxyz? Then the "bigger is better" fallacy started. Round 2 to Canikon. The rest is history.

So who was it aimed at? My guess with the E1, and half heartedly with the E3, was the pro market. Releasing the E3 & E30 at essentially  the same time was a bet each way.


Max P

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