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First I would check to make sure that your X-E1 + 18-55 are running the latest firmware, if they are not then update them.

The 18mm is an excellent lens and one that I used the most however it's quite wide so I would check first if the 18mm end of your 18-55 suits your needs, most people including reviewers have found that the 18-55 at 18mm is sharper edge to edge than the 18mm prime.

AF indoors under low light can be a bit hit and miss on most cameras and when the subject is moving getting the AF to lock can be even more tricky.

If I were buying just one prime to add to my zoom kit I'd go with the 35 f1.4 as this does offer some advantages over the 18-55.

I can see it being useful in a tight spaces, such as Christmas at grandma's house… or spelunking.  The 0.8 f-stop gain is not significant enough to lure me over to that lens.  Regardless, it's a steal of a deal and can be resold for what you paid… if not more.  Just make sure it works and there is no damage.

+1 with the 35mm f1.4

LWS2013… just curious as to what you use your 18mm for as that might help OP with his decision to purchase it?

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