How is the Alpha A3000 in low light shots (with kit lens)?

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Re: How is the Alpha A3000 in low light shots (with kit lens)?

vaultwit wrote:

I have a Samsung NX1000 which has an APS-C sensor. I've been using its kit lens, and with it, I get pretty poor low light photos. I can't get a decent shutter speed without cranking up the ISO, and even IOS 400 & 800 give me poor photos (let alone 1600 and above). Higher focal lengths just make everything worse.

From what I understand, the Sony Alpha A3000 also has an APS-C sensor. Does that mean the A3000 will perform similarly under low light situations as the NX1000? If not, what would cause the difference in image quality?

I've read some reviews raving about the A3000's ability to take good low light photos, but having used the NX1000 which has the same sensor, I'm skeptical...

NX1000 is rather poor in low light, the Sony will definitely be better. I haven't tried A3000, but it has the same outstanding 20MP sensor as SLT A58, which I had for awhile. The A58 low light is on the same level as NEX-5N, give or take a bit. In my experience that 20MP sensor is probably the best Sony's APS-C sensor at this time.

Check the comparomater, it's not a definitive test but it does give a good indication of what to expect.

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