This health care situation is getting complicated

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Re: This health care situation is getting complicated

Brian wrote:

Walking Dead wrote:

Now that it appears that some of the health insurance companies will allow people (like myself) who were told that their current insurance plans were being cancelled because they were non-ACA compliant, to continue with the plans for another year.

In my case the plan I had was not a 'junk' plan with a high deductible, and the insurance company had added things that made it better in the past few years. However, it did not meet the ACA requirements in a couple of areas. And, the changes made in the past few years would have prevented it from being grandfathered in.

My premium was $269/month, with a $300/year deductible. In addition, I was fully responsible for the 'first' visit for a new illness, even if I had reached the $300 deductible.

As I don't go to the doctor for every little ache and pain, the plan was perfect.

When my plan was cancelled, I had the option of going with a ACA compliant plan, which were all much more expensive, and with a much higher deductible, starting at over $5000/year. Since I barely make the $300/year deductible, insurance is basically money thrown down the drain, as the insurance company has been paying out only a few hundred dollars a year.

The insurance company gave me the option to sign up for the current catastrophic plan, as that was being carried over for a year, as that plan hadn't been modified from pre-2010. The cost of that plan is $123/month. It is basically a plan in case I need hospitalization.

Looking at how often go to the doctors, and how much I pay out of pocket, plus asking the clinic/hospital I go to, how much of a discount I would get for paying cash (40% discount), I decided to go with the catastrophic plan, and hope that the problems with Obamacare would be fixed by the time I have to make another decision.

Of course, as I'm getting older, the odds of me getting ill increases, so I'm rolling the dice. But, since my family has had little health problems, My dad's 97 and only recently gave up driving. My mom is 95, and she is in a care home, but unlike the others living there, who get more and more 'old', she's just keeps on going. My siblings haven't had any major illness requiring hospitalization, and my aunts and uncles are all in pretty good health.

Today I read that my insurance company will allow people like me, to keep our non-ACA compliant policies for a year. One problem is that they don't know if rates will go up. I'm pretty sure the rate will go up, as they have been doing so, for a long time.

If I knew for certain that I wouldn't get seriously ill, it would be a no-brainer, stay with the catastrophic plan. But, we are all getting older. Plus I do have HBP and am diabetic (although my blood sugar is well controlled, and has been for some time now).

Guess, I'll wait to see how much the plan is going up before I make a final decision.

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I wish our politicians from both sides of the aisle were really looking out for us and designed ACA to make insurance more affordable for all Americans. Alas we don't have good law makers on either side of the aisle.

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ACA was never designed to make insurance more affordable for all Americans but to create a a forced participation Ponzi scheme which gave  free coverage  to 15 million Americans and  maintained current profit margins for insurance providers.

Without  boosting  what each American pays- whether  like Walking Dead outlined, for service levels  he doesn't want or need (I am sure maternity is of great importance to him)   and without forcing the young people to pay into a system they likely won't  receive services from,   Obamacare will sink like a stone. It depends on cash  (in the form of premiums)  coming in from the majority  that can be dispersed to the minority.

I still do not understand why if the goal was to provide for the least fortunate and the uninsurable  they were not simply pushed onto Medicare and Medicaid and each citizen was billed 20 or 30 bucks a year to fund the additional expense. It would have been cheaper for everyone and far more efficient. If the mandate was legal certainly  30 bucks to fund universal coverage for the ill and indigent  would be. At least the amount would be fixed and we'd all know what it was for.

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